The Slim Waist Guide to Building a Six Pack

There’s nothing better than getting up in the morning and looking in a mirror and seeing results from your hard work. That being said, if you’re looking to having a six pack then this guide will help you achieve a firm and toned body you can be proud of every day.

Six Pack Guide

First diet and nutrition needs to be addressed, look for healthy foods that don’t create belly fat. Eliminating high fat, sugar and flour will help you start seeing a difference in just a few weeks. Avoid fried foods and substitute with lean meats, lite cheese and low carbs to start your transition. Calories in, calories out are the name of the six pack game.

Cucumber & Lemon Water

Detox once a week with cucumber and lemon water to flush out any toxins that are clogging up your system. Be careful not to do too much of this routine because lemon water is high in citric acid.

Wear your waist trainer between 4-6 hours per day to focus on AB muscles and to help tighten and firm the waistline.

Abdominal muscles

The abdominal muscles have the ability to be stubborn. You can do sit-ups and crunches daily, where as other muscles should be alternated. The following routine will help you slim down and firm up your oblique’s and ABS:

Leg Raise

Leg Raise: Lying with back flat on the floor and hands by your side, extend your legs while keeping them together and toes pointed, to a 90-degree angle. Lower the legs back toward the floor with slow and designated motion. Do NOT let the feet touch the floor. Raise back up for a count of 15 and do this 3 times while taking 30 second rest in between.

Russian Twist

Russian Twist: Using a medicine ball, a 2-5lb weight or even a jug of milk with this exercise will greatly build the muscles in your ABS. Sit on the floor with your weight next to you and twist your body to one side. Bend you knees, keep feet just above ground. Using your object touch and twisting with each movement alternate sides keeping legs and feet stationary. Do 3 sets of 25 and you’re going to feel the tightness.

V Crunches

V Crunches: Laying on your back, with legs straight in the air and together, raise your hands to touch the insides of your feet and then lowering. Do 3 sets of 25.

Create a calendar and keep track of your progress. By doing this helps amp the brain into remembering what worked and what didn’t. If you feel like taking a sick day, then do so, but remember to get back to the routine right away.

Do some type of aerobic activity every other day such as running or bicycling.

Do some type of aerobic activity every other day such as running or bicycling.  Your heart rate needs to be at safe but strenuous level to burn fat and calories. To get a 6-pack, you’ll need to add aerobics to the regimen.

Visually imagine what your body looks like with your ABS and core in optimal shape.

Look for Apps such as Runtastic Six Pack Ab Workout to help increase your routine and seek alternative exercises to avoid pure boredom.

By following this quick guide you’ll start seeing results within 2 weeks. But, remember to stick with it. Nobody is at its best overnight.

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